Monday, 27 September 2010

Elevator Gallery - Hidden Show

Benek & I recently put in a proposal for a new show at the Elevator Gallery which has been accepted! The theme of the show is 'hidden' and will take place in October.

...For our October exhibition at Elevator we plan to curate an almost invisable show. We are seeking artists to install work which is ither hidden, part of or extention of the existing structure/space, or partly visable. We are keen for artists to explore all mediums and senses including performance, smell and sound as well as other more traditional means. All areas of the gallery, the floor, wall, ceiling space, corrdoor, toilets and elevator may be used.

Whilst the work needs to be not visable when entering the gallery it needs to be visable enough so it can be 'found' by the viewer.

Our proposal:

The piece will take the form of a single white pipe which will stretch from floor to ceiling. Owing to the warehouse nature of the Elevator Gallery, the pipe will not seem out of place and will not be questioned by visitors upon first sight.

Concealed within the pipe will be 4-6 speakers running from top to bottom which will emit a sound at a level which would only be audible either when in close to proximity to the pipe or when one's ear is pressed up to it.

The Elevator Gallery is located on the fifth floor of a former chocolate factory and so we imagine the sound contained within the pipe to be like thick liquid moving up or down the pipe.

This piece comments on how places, things or people can sometimes become lost in the passage of time, their function and importance forgotten. Like the switch that you find when you move into a new house which seemingly has no purpose, a simple but perhaps once vital function may be forgotten about as everything else changes and moves on. It remains visible yet invisible at the same time.

I will post our progress as we try to figure out how to make it!!