Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nigel Helyer

" My approach to the sonic domain has always been informed by a Sculptor’s perspective which emphasises the experiential nature of sounds, linking them to the dynamic, material events that produce them and situating them within the environments that contain and propagate them." -


The audio component of this project employs simple and robust solid-state digital audio and solar power to deliver a satisfying complex soundscape, the works embraces the concept of an ‘ensemble’ of multiple forms with minor variations that allows great flexibility in composing elements of the work and helps to develop a sense of continuity inflected with subtle difference. The units are can be programmed as desired ~ and will broadcast human voice with fragments of poetry.
Lotus contains ten Haiku, one line of each poem being stored in each upright audio unit. As each unit operates with an individual solar timer/charger the lines are recited at random moments delivering an ever changing random mix ~ in effect comining the ten Haiku into a new ‘Mega-Haiku’. -

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